Your heart is a garden that you must tend to carefully. Sow the seeds of love, peace, happiness, and contentment, and watch them grow into beautiful flowers that will fill your garden. Treat these flowers gently, nourish them faithfully, and prune them graciously.

Do not let the weeds of anger, jealousy, greed, or insecurity take root. Pull them from the ground whenever you find them, and toss them aside. Above all else, do not let the poison of fear kill your flowers of love and peace.

Nurture your inner garden, and love it so that it becomes an oasis of beauty, truth, and light. Let the beautiful fragrance of your garden radiate out into the universe, spreading love and peace wherever you go.

If you take good care of your garden, then it will begin to attract beautiful butterflies who will dance and play among the lovely flowers and peaceful trees. You will enjoy their company, for they will share their love with you and increase the beauty and peace of your garden.

If you try to build a cage or use a net to capture these butterflies, you will only drive them away. Butterflies are free and peaceful, and they resist all attempts to harm them or take away their freedom. It’s fear that causes you to want to contain them, to capture their beauty. Fear makes you believe that if they leave, they will never come back. Fear makes you believe that no butterflies will ever want to visit your garden. Remember, fear is the poison that kills your lovely flowers. It also drives away the butterflies.

So instead of trying to capture the butterflies, work to make sure your garden is so lovely and so peaceful that the butterflies never want to leave. Then they will, perhaps, choose to live in your garden, and allow you to live in theirs.

Love Always,


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