Dear One,

You have so much to offer to the world. Your heart is a beautiful, magical gift that never stops giving. The kindness, compassion, tenderness, and love that you share with everyone in your presence is the best gift anyone could ever hope to receive. Everyone who knows you is truly blessed to know you.

They are blessed to know you, even when they (or you) don’t feel very blessed. You live in a broken world, and because your world is broken, relationships aren’t always as easy as they should be. Insecurities, fears, pain, and other things get in the way of love. Sometimes, they cause you, or the people around you, to feel, shall we say, less than blessed.

Even though they might feel less than blessed, they still are. The love you share has a way of cutting though all the negativity and trauma in their minds. If you believe in a soul, then rest assured that they feel it in their soul. If you don’t believe in souls, then rest assured that it registers in their subconscious mind. No matter what you believe, rest assured that your love lives somewhere inside of them.

Your love lives inside of them, and helps them grow and evolve. It is a beacon of light, guiding them through the many dark nights they will face.What better gift could you possibly give anyone? Love is, indeed, the greatest gift of all. and not just romantic love, either. Platonic, familial, and spiritual love are all equally valid (and equally valuable) gifts to give someone. In fact, if possible, don’t label it at all. From eros to agape, all love is love.

All love is love, so whatever love you have to offer the people in your life is a beautiful, precious present. When you share your presence with someone, share your presents with them, too. Always meet each other with love, tenderness, kindness, and compassion; and always part from each other with an equal amount of love. In such a way, our broken world might finally be healed.




Image by Jess Watters from Pixabay


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