Well, shit.

There goes my payment for this job. Doesn’t that just piss you off? Seems like that’s the way it always happens, though. Just when you think you’re about to get ahead, maybe even stash a few creds away in the bank, something shitty happens, and you’re right back in the hole.

I’ve heard of things costing an arm and a leg before, but this is ridiculous. At least I haven’t lost my leg. Yet. If President Kataan doesn’t come out of that meeting soon, who knows what else I might lose out here. My mind, for sure. I hate the freakin’ rain, I hate the freakin’ cold, and I hate the freakin’ endless night. Most of all, I hate the freakin’ earthquake that just caused the ceiling to collapse, taking my arm with it.

Talk about inconvenient. Oh, I can still make the shot. I’ll have to use that section of wall over there as a makeshift tripod, but I can make the shot. Only need one finger to pull the trigger after all. But damn it! I was really hoping to use this money to get out of the game. Go legit. Settle down. Find a nice guy for a change. Maybe get a cat. Hell, I don’t know.

Looks like all that June Cleaver shit is going to have to wait a while. Funny. I always said that I’d give my right arm for a normal life. Looks like I gave my left, instead. Joke’s on me.

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