Our final show in Faerun, held at the Driftwood Tavern in Neverwinter, was a resounding success. Not only did we rock the house, but we also collected several thousand gold pieces for the “Orphans of Leland” fund. It was a great night, despite the fact that some of Roscoe’s old band mates showed up and tried to cause trouble. They almost poisoned the drinks at the open bar, but we thwarted them just in time.

Rod missed the whole show. Again. And Flo missed everything except the encore at the end. The rumors about those two have gotten out of hand, and we’re starting to get flack about it. We’ll probably have a band meeting soon to discuss their future in the band. Their lack of professionalism is starting to hurt all of us.

After the show, we made the trip to Krynn, where we’ll be performing at the Sea Steed in Kalaman. Before the show, we had our second interview of the tour, with Brolin Stoneaxe of the Kalaman Herald. He wasn’t a fan before the interview, and I’m afraid he’s even less impressed with us now. Can’t win them all, I suppose.

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