We had our second gig, and our second mission for Zariel. The gig went really well. The mission…not so much. Without going into too much detail, we were sent to find some things and destroy them. We didn’t find everything we were looking for. Zariel was pissed. Doheri was pissed. It wasn’t a pleasant evening for any of us.

The gig was better, but still not everything we had hoped for. We tried to write a song to perform in duet with the famous Elfsong ghost, but we just couldn’t bring it together. We tried to write another song, a power ballad for Doheri, but that didn’t work out right either. I think we’re all getting frustrated with each other. Being in a band is like being married to four other people. It’s a lot of work.

We’re failing as a band, and we’re failing as operatives. If we don’t get our shit together soon, we’re gonna burn in hell for a very long time.

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