We arrived at our first multiversal destination, the war-torn world of Krynn. According to some of the locals we met, this was an idyllic world just a few short years ago. Now, an impossibly large army led by a mysterious “dragon queen” is ravaging the land, and the people are hungry, scared, and tired. War. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Maybe I’ll write a song about that one day.

Our first show was in Kalaman. It went really well, despite the overwhelming sense of gloom and despair among the general population. While we were there, the locals told us about an inspiring group of heroes who stood against the dragon army. Common folk from the nearby village of Haldar’s Mill helped defend the city of Kalaman, although it cost them their lives. We were so inspired that we wrote a new song, The Ballad of Haldar’s Mill. Members of our mailing list can download it for free from our archives.

We played it at our next show, in a town called Solace at the Inn of the Last Home. Judging by the level of destruction present here, the city of Kalaman owes a great debt to those lost heroes. The great trees here have been chopped down, destroying most of the homes and businesses, and the people are just…shattered. We gave them a good show, and hopefully we were able to allow them to forget their troubles for a while, but the lingering presence of the dragon army keeps them oppressed and downtrodden. This “dragon queen” casts a long shadow over this world.

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