We didn’t do well in the Battle of the Bands. I guess that’s to be expected, since we haven’t really come together as a band yet. We’re still five individuals with our own styles and sounds. It’s going to take some time (and a lot of practice) for us to become greater than the sum of our parts. Hell, we haven’t even settled on a name yet. I guess we’re calling ourselves Blackmail for now. No one really likes it, but it suits us.

We came in third, but that was good enough to get a record contract. We’re officially on the tour, and I guess that counts for something. Of course, we had to sell our souls to Zariel, but that’s the rock n’ roll lifestyle these days. No one gets anywhere without bowing down before one corporate master or another. Besides. We got some pretty sweet instruments out of the deal, and that’s what really matters.

We met with Zariel’s music rep, Doheri. She’s gonna be our handler in all this mess, giving us our assignments and so on. Yeah, I guess I should have mentioned that we agreed to do some work for the big Z behind the scenes. It’s cool. It’ll break up the monotony of life on the road.

Our first mission was pretty simple stuff. We were sent down into the sewers beneath Waterdeep to retrieve some documents from a cult leader who had fallen out of favor with Zariel. The sewers were gross, but we did it. We got the goods, but we couldn’t resist sneaking a peak. We were astonished to find blackmail materials on all the noble houses of Waterdeep.

We managed to get back in time to clean up and get some rest before the show. Here’s hoping it’s a good one!

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