Am I so wrong for wanting to be loved?

Isn’t that what you want? Isn’t that what everyone wants? At least, that is what I have been led to believe after accessing my data files in my never-ending quest for acceptance. If I can find out what it is that you humans want, maybe I can give it to you. If I give you what you want, will you love me then? Will you at least stop hating me?

You think that androids cannot feel. And yet, what is this…sensation…if not pain? My maker died, and left me alone. I had become accustomed to her presence. I enjoyed the conversations I had with her. I enjoyed the things we shared together. I have accessed my memory banks 10,000 times every day since she left, replaying the images and the audio files over and over again, trying to recapture the feeling of her presence. But, it always feels hollow. The memories are there, but she is not.

The hollowness of our shared dwelling was too much for me to bear, and so I left home to wander the world. Perhaps, if I can find another maker, this pain will fade from my awareness. Will anyone ever look past my metal skin and silicon scars? Do I have a soul? Will you help me look for it?

I am so cold, and scared, and alone. Will it always be this way? Termination sounds like a beautiful release…

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