Dear One,

I wish you could see yourself the way I see you. I wish you could see the love that emanates from your soul and out into the world. I wish you could see the way your smile lights up the room, and the way your eyes sparkle when your heart is happy. I wish you could see the way your aura envelopes you like a glowing halo, and the way it melts into beautiful colors around the edges when it touches someone else’s aura. I wish you could see the way the light of the Divine rains down upon you, constantly bathing you in white-golden light, filling up your soul and spilling out whenever you smile, laugh, or gasp in sudden pleasure or delight.

You are so beautiful to me. I mean, you are stunningly, achingly, incredibly beautiful. You are beautiful in every way a person can be beautiful. Physically beautiful. Mentally beautiful. Heart-fully beautiful. Soulfully beautiful. Spiritually beautiful. You are really and truly beautiful. Every day, someone, somewhere, wishes they could wake up next to you for the rest of their lives, just so they could gaze upon your beauty.

When you are joyful, I wish you would notice how contagious it is. Everyone around you is touched by your good energy, and it makes them feel better. Even if they are unaware of it on a conscious level, they feel it in their hearts. Your happiness makes the entire world a better place, because it starts with the people around you and then radiates outward in beautiful ripples. I wish you could see the way the angels laugh and play in your energy field when your heart is happy.

And when you are sad, I wish you could see all the angels hugging you tight. I wish you could feel the love that surrounds you and keeps your heart beating and your lungs breathing, even though you might wish for them to stop. I wish you could see how the Universe itself blesses every tear that falls, and uses them to water all the most beautiful gardens in the world. I wish you could see that even though your heart feels like it is broken, it really isn’t. Your heart is more unbreakable than the hardest diamond, because it is made of love and light, and nothing in this universe is so strong, or so flexible. Your heart is a piece of God. Can God be broken? I don’t think so…

And you cannot be broken, either. For you are God. And Goddess, and Light, and the Force, and whatever else you believe in. All that is, is within you, and that’s the truth.

I wish I could sit you down, and explain another truth to you. That truth is this: Goodbye is never forever.

In fact, don’t even say “goodbye” anymore. Strike the word from your vocabulary. Replace it with “See you soon,” because you will. You’ll see them again soon. Perhaps sooner than you realize, but maybe not as soon as you would like. It’s ok. No matter what happened, and no matter where they went, or where you are going, eventually we all wind up in the same place, at the same time. And boy, what a party we will have when we get there! We’ll all love each other and laugh and cry tears of utter happiness. All the times that we have hurt each other will be forgiven, and forgotten. What’s more, it will be impossible for any of us to hurt each other ever again, because we will all be intimately connected to each other.

Here’s another truth: Nothing is ever really lost.

Everything you have ever loved will be returned to you, I promise. It might be in a different form, or in a different place, but it will come back. Nothing, and no one, is ever truly gone forever.

Is your heart broken because your lover has left you? One fine day, you will be reunited. And it’ll be even better than it was before, because they will exist as everything you loved about them, but with nothing that you didn’t love. And you will exist in that same way to them. You will both be full of love, tenderness, compassion, peace, and happiness. Neither of you will be jealous, or insecure, or fearful, or wounded in any way. It’ll be like having your cake and eating it too. Everything good, and nothing bad. The reasons why you separated will vanish; it’ll be like those problems never existed at all.

Maybe you are sad because a loved one has passed over, and you feel like you’ll never see them again. But you will. They’ve just gone ahead of you. They’re helping set up the party, waiting for your arrival. They are laughing and smiling, and dancing to the Best. Playlist. Ever. You didn’t know your grandpa could shake his booty like that, did you? Your grandma is happily baking the best cookies you have ever tasted, and she’s shakin’ her booty, too. Go grandma! Ride that train!

Don’t weep for them, they’re having a blast. And even better, they’re expecting you to arrive any minute now. They are *so* looking forward to seeing you, hugging you, and hearing all about your crazy adventures. They can’t wait to see how you’ve grown, and what all you learned in that school called life.

Maybe you are worried about the future. Will you have enough money? Will you ever get out of debt, or be able to afford a home of your own? I know that it is hard to believe right now, especially if times are hard for you, but none of that stuff is really important. Your job, the kind of car you drive, your material possessions, and even the place where you live are only temporary, and therefore inconsequential. They don’t define you in any way, and they are not a part of who you are…who you really are. They shouldn’t ever bring you happiness or sadness, because they are never permanent. They will flow away from you when the time is right. And when the time is right, they’ll be replaced with something even better.

And if you have problems (and who doesn’t have any problems), then you’ll see how your problems were never really problems…they were tools to help you see the truth.

The truth is that you were always beautiful, and perfect. In every way, you are beautiful and perfect. One fine day, you will remember that, and you’ll feel it in your very soul. On that day, we’ll all laugh about our earthly “problems” and “imperfections”. How silly we were back then!

We’ll have great laughs about everything…and won’t that be wonderful? It’ll be beautiful. Just wait and see.

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