Reincarnation was one of the first “alternative” spiritual teachings I adopted when I decided to forge my own belief system. To me, it just makes sense. One lifetime doesn’t seem to be nearly long enough to do all the things we want to do, try all the things we want to try, go all the places we want to go, learn all the things we want to learn, love all…well, you get the idea. It just seems that one trip to the physical world is an awful waste of an eternity.

My beliefs around reincarnation have changed and evolved over the years, and they continue to do so. These are some things that I like to believe are true. You are, of course, free to fold these thoughts into your own belief system, or reject them as you wish. My entire philosophy rests on the notion that everyone should incorporate the beliefs that appeal to them, and reject the ones that do not.

So here we go…

Time Travel

The standard reincarnation line is that once we die, our souls come back, and we are reborn into another body, sometime after our previous death. In this manner of thinking, time marches on in a steady line, and we march forward with it.

But check this out:

What if….we could not only reincarnate forward, but backward as well? What if your next life could actually be in the past? Have you ever wanted to witness important moments in history, like the signing of the Declaration of Independence or the Trojan War? Why not use your next life to travel back and visit? You could be an American revolutionary soldier, an Egyptian laborer working on the pyramids, a pirate, a knight in medieval Europe…whatever you want. Awesome, right?

Fortune and Fame

One of the criticisms of reincarnation is that there are so many people who claim to be Cleopatra or someone famous. Nobody ever claims to be Joe (or Jane) Schmoe, working class dog.

But check this out:

What if…we could take turns being famous people? What if a personality…any personality…is just a mantle that any soul can adopt? If our souls are separate from our identitties, then we can pick up any identity we want each time we incarnate. The Cleopatra Identity (Yes, this is the Jason Bourne theory of reincarnation) was a powerful female in ancient Egypt. The Lincoln Identity was the 15th President of the United States of America, the Hitler Identity was Chancellor of Germany, the Socrates Identity was a philosopher in ancient Greece, etc. At any time, any one of us could reincarnate and become that individual. When we are finished (die), someone else could pick up that identity, and live that life all over again.

But what about free will? If we pick up an identity, aren’t we locked into making the same choices they made? Why should we be? When you are Cleopatra (for example), you are Cleopatra. You can do whatever you want (as her). Marry Marc Antony. Execute Marc Antony. Burn Egypt to the ground. Raise Egypt up to conquer the known world. History will be re-written with every choice you make, and no one here (in the modern perspective) will ever be the wiser. Take a turn as Hitler. Change him into the protector of the Jewish people, offering all of Germany as a safe haven. Become one of the Jews in a concentration camp, for a better understanding of just how evil the Nazis really were. You can be anyone, do anything, and change everything.

The Ultimate Do-Over

If you can go back in time and be someone famous, why not go back in time and be…yourself? We’ve all experienced those moments when our entire life changed. Have you ever wondered what would have happened if you had zigged instead of zagged? Why not find out? After you die, simply reincarnate as yourself, with the intention of doing things differently. When you reach that moment in time again…go left instead of right, and see where that path leads. You could do this a million times, and not exhaust all the options that have shaped your life. Each time, your soul would get to experience a new and exciting set of challenges.

Karma Chameleon

Let’s say you have a good soul-friend, and together, you have lived many lives together and had all kinds of crazy adventures together. Let’s say that in one life, one of you wanted to experience the feeling of betrayal, and so before you incarnated, you worked out a scenario where you would be married, and your friend would cheat on you (as your spouse). After you played that life out, you could switch, and you could be the cheating spouse while your friend learns what it is like to be the victim. As souls, both of you exist in perfect love and trust. As physical beings, however, you are free to play out all the pain and drama (and love and peace, too!) that you wish. You could even keep the roles the same, but incarnate as each other.

What’s the Point?

The point of all this is to remind you that this life is just a game, and the physical realm is nothing more than our sandbox where we play, experiment, and play with all the thoughts, emotions, and circumstances of being in a limited form for a while. Our identities are just characters in this virtual reality game, and we can be whoever we want to be at any time.