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The Wayward Petal

Delicate Flower, Wayward Petal photo by Jay SchryerWhat a beautiful flower! Innocence, with just the barest hint of love’s pink blush. Reminiscent of a first love, or a child’s love. A young woman, perhaps, just beginning to blossom into her sexuality, the first touch of romance…

But that one petal! Bent backwards from the rest, turned away from the rest of the flower. It doesn’t belong! The flower is perfect, except for that one petal! How easy it would be to reach down and pluck that one petal, to ease the burden of the flower, to remove that which detracts from the beauty, to remove the imperfection, to change, to fix that which is broken…

Or, not. To leave it be. To appreciate the beauty within the imperfection. To understand that the imperfection is perfection in itself. To know that if it is there, then it is perfect just as it is…because it is as it is. How beautiful! How peaceful! To accept the flower just as it is…just as Mother Nature intended it to be.

How beautiful to leave the petal untouched, with the soul touched forever.

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  1. Chris Edgar says:

    Yes, it seems to me as well that the variety among the flowers, just like the nearly infinite variety of species on the earth, can itself be beautiful, or — to me — stunning and humbling.