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The Pathway to Enlightenment

kuanyinHave you ever had a dream that was so real, so intense, and so otherworldly that you awoke convinced that it was a message meant to be shared with the world? A dream that felt more like a spiritual vision than an ordinary dream?

As I write this, I have just woken up from such a dream.

I dreamed that I met seven gurus who traveled around the cosmos in an old, beat-up 70s-style van. I was walking in a park, when suddenly they pulled up beside me, and asked me to get in the van. I got into the van, a course of action that I do NOT recommend if this ever happens to you in real life! However, it all worked out ok in the dream.

Once inside, they asked me to chant with them. The chant was seven words of power:

  • Darn (rhymes with yarn)
  • Dehar (De-HAY-har)
  • Kushu (coo-shoo)
  • Kehar (CAY-har)
  • Dram* ( “a” as in calm or palm)
  • Dam* (rhymes with Dram above)
  • Vishnu (The Hindu god’s name)

In addition to chanting it several times, they also made me write it down. Even though I memorized it in my dream, when I woke up, I couldn’t quite remember the last three words. Vishnu (the word) came to me as I chanted it after I woke up, but I’m still not 100% sure about Dram and Dam.

They also told me that I must satisfy the Princess of the Celestial Court. However, to meet her, I had to satisfy each of her four “lesser” princesses:

The Princess of the North Wind/Mistress of Winter

The Princess of the East Wind/Mistress of Spring

The Princess of the South Wind/Mistress of Summer

The Princess of the West Wind/Mistress of Autumn

In order to get to each of these, I had to satisfy her 7 handmaidens. Totaled up, that’s (7×4) +4 +1, or 33. I know that 33 is a powerful, sacred number with lots of mythological significance, but I’m not sure how it fits in here. The Celestial Court is an ancient Chinese mythology, but it is usually represented with dragons, not princesses. Also, even though the word that was used is “satisfy,” I don’t think it was meant to be a purely sexual encounter, although there was certainly an element of sexuality to it. It was more like each one has a test that must be passed: A riddle to be solved, a test of skill, or something like that.

Once one group of handmaidens is satisfied, they will take me to their Princess for her test. If I pass, she will give me a key. Once I have all four keys, they will unlock a door which will take me to the Princess of the Celestial Court. If I pass her test, I will be given the key to enlightenment, or something like that. The 7 gurus were kinda vague as to the point of all this, but they assured me it was something I wanted to do.

So…any ideas or insights that anyone wants to share in the comments would be much appreciated!

Here is an MP3 file of me saying the chant: Chant

Love Always,




  1. Nicole says:

    What an awesome dream Jay!

    I think it’s safe to say that the realms have decided that it is time for your initiation into a deeper sense of knowing. Your guides are preparing you for your mission (or at least another part in your mission) and are setting you up to meet either a goddess or Ascended Master. I’m feeling like it’s a goddess.

    Very cool!

    1. JaySchryer says:

      Thank you for your insight, Nicole! I have felt lately that I was ready for the “next thing” in my life, the next phase or (as you put it) the next part of my mission, so perhaps you are right, and this dream was sent to start me on that path. I hadn’t thought about the seven wise men being my spirit guides, but that makes a lot of sense, so thank you for that insight. Meeting another goddess would be very cool, indeed!

  2. Kim says:

    Excellent dream my friend. I am totally convinced you were visited by spirit guides. I see some enlightenment here.

    1. JaySchryer says:

      Thanks, Kim! I really appreciate your input.

  3. Jay, I’m very curious that dreams are seen in such radically different ways in different traditions. In my tradition (Buddhism), they are seen as usually being projections of one’s mind not having much significance. Occasionally, they can contain an important message or prophecy, especially the ones that occur right before waking, but this is the exception not the rule. So maybe your dream is the exception. I don’t know. I think the main thing is to stay with love and remain in the presence moment and let the truth to continue to unfold.

    1. JaySchryer says:

      Thank you, Sandra. I wasn’t aware that was the position of Buddhism, so thank you for sharing that. It is interesting to me, too, to learn how different traditions treat different ideas, so I really appreciate this new perspective. I think it is a good reminder to stay grounded and to anchor into reality as opposed to engaging in flights of fancy—a common pitfall in many areas, but especially dream interpretation and analysis. I see dreams as projections of one’s mind, too…although I think there is a connection between our own unconscious mind and the collective unconscious (a Jungian term/belief), and so I see dreams as a “joint venture” between my mind and the world of gods, symbols, and mythology.

      Whatever they are, and wherever they come from, I think your advice is very wise: Stay with love and remain in the present moment, and let the truth unfold. Very wise, indeed.

  4. jan says:

    Jay, I have nothing very profound to say except that I had have dreams like this and neglected to write them down for posterity. I am so glad you did. :-) This dream feels like a very powerful invitation to me and that you should go for it. You and I both that certain sounds are sacred and open up new pathways to sacred understanding. Who knows what these might open up in you? What a beautiful gift you received.

    I was also drawn to the images of 7 princesses. It reminded me of Theresa of Avila and the Interior Castle. She wrote (gleaned from a vision) that there are 7 “rooms” the soul must move through (7 levels of understanding) to get to the heart of the castle – the heart and mind of God/unity/Oneness – i.e. enlightenment. Are you familiar with this?

    May your journey be rich and fruitful. I am sure that enlightenment awaits because it only calls those who are willing to listen. xo

    1. JaySchryer says:

      Thank you for your insights, Jan. I, too, have had profound dreams and neglected to write them down. This one was so different from anything I’ve ever experienced before. It was almost like I was being compelled to memorize it, even as it was happening. The gurus were insistent that I memorize the chant, and that I practice it in front of them until I “got it down.” I’ve never had a dream that was so blatantly, over-the-top “this is important, so pay attention” before.

      Thank you for sharing about Theresa of Avila and the Interior Castle. I had never heard of that before, so I appreciate the introduction. I’m off to learn more about it now, so thank you!

  5. Lisa says:

    Hi Jay, what an amazing dream. I think that the most important sign as to whether or not a dream is relevant is how the dreamer reacts to it. In this case, you feel very deeply that this is a significant dream for you (or at least that seems to be the case from what you have said and what I feel behind it) so that means it is. There are so many different approaches to interpreting a dream like this that I couldn’t begin to say how you should go about doing so. But I can share how I do, on the rare occasions that I have a dream that seems to hold a message for me.

    First of all, I wanted to add a little to what Sandra has already shared with you about Buddhism’s approach to dreams. It differs between lineages to some extent, as some traditions (such as Tibetan Buddhism) draw on symbology more than others. Symbols are considered important pathways to understandings and even states of mind. Vajrayana Buddhist practices in particular include meditations on symbols, mandalas, and deities, as well as mantras, as doorways for connecting with the energies they represent within us. So for example, in the case of meditations on say, Green Tara, a practice may begin by meditating or even ‘praying’ to Tara as a deity outside of ourselves, visualizing her as separate from yourself. However, the practice will end with her dissolution into you, or your visualizing yourself as her, as a way of awakening your own realization of her awareness and what she represents within you. So in this way, it is not really about what is ‘out there’ (objective reality) vs. ‘projected from the mind (subjectivity.) It is about moving beyond both, or the non-dual realization (not philosophical understanding) of this.

    So this is how I approach dreams that seem relevant to me personally – I don’t think in terms of whether they are a message from ‘outside’ my (spirit guides) or a projection from the ‘inside’ (my psyche), as that is not of interest. What is of interest is what the symbols in the dream mean to me? And that is based on my own personal history with the symbols. They are a roadmap that only I can read, is the way I view it. And usually as I ponder them, their personal meaning to me becomes more clear – the narrative they are writing for me. Sometimes that includes research into some of the symbols in the dream, and sometimes just recalling each one individually leads me down a trail of memories of realizations that come together in some way. And sometimes not!

    I think the feeling of the dream – the light or awareness transmitted, is also sometimes the main thing. Sometimes that is really what a dream is – a transmission (if you think in terms of it coming from the ‘outside’) or an opening within you (if you think in terms of it coming from the inside.)

    Beautiful in any case:-)

    1. JaySchryer says:

      Thank you, Lisa. I love the way you expanded on Sandra’s comment about Buddhism. Although I’ve studied it somewhat, my knowledge of it is very basic, so I appreciate you for taking the time to provide a little more depth to my understanding. I love the way you presented the movement from an external source into an internal realization or integration of a concept or idea. In the past couple of years, I have begun (what Jung called) the process of individuation, and a large part of that is integrating the different parts of oneself into a more unified whole. I think that also happens with external bits and pieces, just as you illustrated with Green Tara. From a psychological perspective,it’s about integrating the different archetypes. From a religious/spiritual perspective, it’s about integrating the deities and spirit guides.

      I also like that you pointed out “what does this mean to me?” Those last two words are crucial, so thank you for that reminder.

  6. Chris Edgar says:

    It strikes me that, in your studies, you’ve been laying the groundwork over the past few years to become able to comprehend this dream — whether from a numerological perspective, from the point of view of Chinese folk religion, and all the other influences that went into what you wrote about it. Perfect timing, it seems.

    1. JaySchryer says:

      Hi Chris. Yeah, all of my studies certainly helped me understand this dream. In a way, it even felt like a final test, or maybe a “prize” for completing my studies. Like as a graduation present, the Universe opened a door to a new level of understanding. Perhaps “high school” is over now, and I’m ready for college? It also seemed like all of the studying and inner work finally “gelled” into a new perspective, or a deeper understanding.