Diamond photo by Steven DePoloLook.

Look beneath your accomplishments, your test scores, your job, your friends and family, and your relationships. Look beneath the roles you play in life.

Now, look deeper.

Look beneath your clothes. Look beneath your skin and hair. Look behind your eyes. Look into your mind.

Look inside yourself.

Look beneath the persona you project to the world. Look beneath the stories you tell. Look beneath the things you believe about yourself, the programs that you run. Look beneath your hopes, your dreams, and your fears. Look even deeper…

Look at everything you are afraid of seeing within yourself. Look at everything that you keep hidden—at all costs—even from those closest to you. Look beneath the abuse you have suffered. Look beneath the anger, the shame, and the pain you feel. Look beneath the secrets you keep. Look beneath the things that make you angry or sad. Look beneath your lusts and passions. This is your Shadow. I know it’s scary and you don’t like it, but you don’t have to be afraid. It won’t hurt you. Just gently brush past it, and look deeper…

Look beneath the archetypal energies swirling within the mists. They can be even scarier than your Shadow because you can’t control them. They are ancient, and powerful beyond imagination. They can take control of you, and wreak havoc in your life. They can force you to do things, and say things without your permission. They can cause you to hurt others or even yourself. They are the proto-matter of gods, and their power is incomprehensible to mortal thought. But look closer: Because you are at peace, they are at peace. You can slide right past them. Think of everything you have passed on your journey inward. Everything you have passed is fierce and scary because it is guarding a treasure of infinite value. Look even deeper. Almost there…

There. Do you see it? A shining jewel of brilliant white light. It’s the source of all love and light in the universe. It’s the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. It’s a shining, pulsing gem of indescribable value. It’s pure light and love, and it is immortal.

It’s the Jewel of your Being.

It’s you.

It’s you, stripped of all your layers, of all negativity, of all fear, and of all pretense. You are bare, naked, and vulnerable…more precious than all the riches of the world, and stronger than the hardest mineral. You are vulnerable, yet you are also indestructible. You can’t be scratched, tarnished, or smudged. You can’t be cracked or broken. Neither mud nor grime nor dust can settle on your glorious surface. You are whole, and pure. Nothing can taint you, and nothing can harm you.

Aren’t you beautiful?

Can you feel the pure love that you radiate? Can you feel the waves of peace and bliss that emanate from you? Bathe in the love and peace of you…your bright, beautiful, naked self.

Now, begin to move back…

The archetypal energies that seemed so scary on the way in…do you now see how they exist to protect you? Even though you can’t control them, you can work with them, and play with them. They exist to help you, and to protect you.

Your Shadow isn’t so threatening anymore either, is it? Just like the archetypal energies, It exists to protect you. Your fears, your anxieties, your shame, and your greed…all of these things are nothing more than armor you have chosen for your Shadow to wear. Your Shadow helps scare off those who might get too close to you. Can you see how you don’t need the armor it wears? You can release those pieces that no longer serve you. Or, if you still feel vulnerable, you may keep them. Your Shadow is a part of you—a necessary part of your psyche. You don’t have to be afraid of it or ashamed of it. Accept it, and know that it serves to protect you, just as the archetypal energies do.

Your hopes and your dreams…the stories you tell yourself and the people around you…can you see them for the clothing they are? Your persona is a mask you wear. It isn’t you. The stories you tell aren’t you. They, too, exist to protect you, to keep you safe and warm. Can you see that you don’t really need them? Release them. Or again, keep them if you so desire. Feel free to discard them or change them. It won’t change you or harm you…nothing can do that, as you now know.

Now you can also see that you also are not your skin or your hair. You aren’t the color of your eyes or the brightness of your smile. You aren’t the job you have, the money you make, or the relationships you have with other people. You are an infinite being of love and light, and you are beautiful.

You are the Jewel of your Being.